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“Girl fight” bloody masterpiece Japanese B-class

2010 May 22
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From “gun girl” of the director’s films directed and well-head l “fighting girl” was revealed, notice, web exclusive compilation film with Chinese subtitles, the wellhead with the rise and has directed “Tokyo police brutality,” the director Yoshihiro Nishimura, and has directed “Armor: warrior zombie” director Sakaguchi expand joint efforts will be directed by three of Japan bloody shoot what works, is that fans expect.

It tells the story of female high school students within Example Rin, in school, she is always bullied by classmates, parents and the warmth is her only comfort. Recently, because of frequent sore right arm, so Rin is very disturbing. In the 16-year-old birthday, cold deformed right arm occurred. Thus she is not aware of their common humanity, but dissimilar mutant. Rin became the goal of Special Forces, beloved parents killed in front of her. Rin was the rapid torrents of blood the body. Control the use of deformation of her right arm, mercilessly beheaded hurt themselves. Rin was taken to a secret hidden in the mountains institutions. There she met a mysterious man. . .

It is reported that the film will be May 22 release in Japan.

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Action movie film The Legend Of Chen Zhen

2010 May 10
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“Fine Wufeng Yun,” the story

Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen decorated) year for the newspaper division of the enemy killed, Duchuang Hongkou Dojo, kill a public Japanese martial arts masters, an influential Shanghai, they disappeared, missing … … Seven years later, Chen Zhen Yuan alias Monkey from France back to Shanghai, 8600 Adapterx431 to sneak into the local intelligence of young entrepreneurs as a concentration, “Kaka nightclub,” implying a thorough investigation of the boss Tu Ye (Anthony Wong decorated) relationship with the Japanese, but origin mysterious courtesan Ki Ki (Shu Qi) also an opportunity for close to Monkey element, anti-exploration of their true identity.

Produced by the Gordon Chan, Andrew Lau director, action director and star Donnie Yen Ren, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong, Huang Bo, Kobata Long, Shawn close ranks with other giant star power,Dell Inspiron 1501 Adapter light Pictures and Media Asia Films to spend 120 million yuan of Chinese action produced a huge system, “Chen Jing Wu Fengyun true”, will be May 10 at 2:30 pm The closing was held in Beijing, the first time since the grand press conference, this conference will release the first action movie trailer and announced the release schedule.

Gordon Chan, Andrew Lau, Donnie Yen, the three Chinese-language film industry is able to dominate the party and great box office appeal of the big dogs, Dell Inspiron 5100 Adapter and today gathered in the same film, they also billion at the box office as a senior member of the club, so a golden combination of 1 +1 +1 can be greater than 3? Let us wait and see!

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Gekijouban Gintama: Shin’yaku benizakura hen

2010 May 4
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Director: Letter Secretary Takamatsu

Starring: Chi Sugita

Sakaguchi Daisuke

Kugimiya Rie

Type: Animated comedy costume

Country / Region: Japan

Duration: 96min

“Silver Soul Movie: New Translation of red cherry articles,” the story

The late Edo period, the hook is not an American black ships, but outer space creatures spacecraft.
The face of powerful alien aggressors, “Heaven”, shogunate helpless. However, it has a number of concern for the fate of civil, insisted against the enemy of the Patriots,HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard|including Guangxi Kotaro, Takasugi Shinsuke, and nicknamed the “White Night Fork” of the silver warrior Sakata silver. They certainly detrimental to the disadvantage of perseverance. But after years of fighting, and finally they lost friends and relatives, teachers, ushered in helpless defeat.

“Silver Soul Movie: Red Poppy New Translation articles” behind the scenes
“Silver Soul” is the “Youth Jump Weekly,” one of the signs work. The comic has since 2003 serials, pamphlets out to 33, the cumulative sales passed 30 million. “Silver Soul” series in the beginning,HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|laptop keyboard|HP Laptop keyboard|  the situation is not very optimistic about the survey in the reader feedback is by popularity after qualifying. Who knows when the first volume booklet, actually lead to out of stock quickly sold out, so that editorial were surprised. Word of mouth in the audience, the “Silver Soul” rapidly rising popularity, and soon after among the hottest young comics list.

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“Grow up” Exclusive Chinese Super comedian full debut trailer

2010 April 28
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Directed by Dennis Dugan recent film “grow up” was revealed, trailers, [Film Network] exclusive compilation Chinese subtitles, “grew up” a collection of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock , Rob Schneider and David Spader 5 Super comedian, able to cobble together all five of them, this “grow up” can not be overlooked.

Film, “grew up” on us about five friends in high school three years after the gathering. This five high school basketball team in the willingness to share the good brother, who once had the same ideals. But having grown up in the world is not as expected, everyone is rushing to make a living. They all had their own families, even children. In the high school graduation three years later, the country’s Independence Day holiday, the five had a good friend finally found the chance to gather together. Five people came together to bring their family to spend his holiday villa in the lake, where they have been the champion with the memories, I recall in high school shared dream. They discovered that yesterday’s story is not that far away, although we all have grown up, but the memories are always with each other are.

It is reported that the film will be on June 25 released in the United States.

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“Jian Yu Jiang Hu” pilot trailer romantic hand Zheng Yucheng Michelle Yeoh

2010 April 22
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Stunning images Large S M killer

Recently, the investment 12 million U.S. dollars of “Jian Yu Jiang Hu” a leading light trailer, film by the director and producer John Woo as Director, Su Zhao Bin directed, the three places to join the martial arts epic, many movie stars everywhere embodies the “romantic suspense martial arts “The style of Korean movie star Michelle Yeoh Zheng Yucheng hand, two-staged” Jiedi Lian “, not only as complicated relationship is ambiguous;HP Laptop keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard| by the Board as Wu Wei, the action drama that is more realistic, only slightly in the weapons design have exaggerated, in which a wall chase fight scenes seem to pay tribute to Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger.”

“Jian Yu Jiang Hu” story in a vague background of the ancient dynasty era. Michelle Yeoh, Wang Qi, Shawn, the role played by large S to 1 to enhance the body’s ability Shengseng rivalry. As a producer and general director John Woo and actress Michelle Yeoh, the film’s action part of the guarantee, but good writers “Three”, “Double Vision” This ghost story of the film director Su Zhao Bin into a suspense film also color.

In addition, the film also set a “Silk” director Su Zhao Bin, Hong Jin Bao from static, as actress, best supporting actor Golden Rooster Award for Wang Qi, HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard|Compaq M2000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|Laptop keyboard|and Korean actor Zheng Yucheng, Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue, China Taiwan actress big S. This luxurious cast list, is said to also increase Zhang Zhen, Kelly Lin, Ethan Ruan, Twenty something other person’s name, of course, John Woo’s daughter Wu Feixia first appearance in the big screen.

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Latest film “Nightmare on Elm Street” Trailer 2

2010 April 12
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“The new Nightmare on Elm Street” played by the screenwriter Wesley Stricker, will follow the original director Wes Craven’s Queen’s routine, Dell Latitude D600 battery|dell d830 ac adapter| to stimulate a bloody killer scenes big screen again. According to reports, film the story will be a nightmare killer Freddy is how to burn the first incarnation of devils as the main history.Playing Freddie’s   Harley, face a very grim, and this role is very fit, his “mothers” in play “pedophile” is really a very sympathetic guy, but its weird for the town’s swimming pool in the film when the panic was caused everyone,   also with the role, won best supporting actor Oscar nomination, popularity quickly spread. The film producer Pilanimu Deng Burns (Platinum Dunes) has just successfully launched a remake version of this horror film “Black Friday”, so once again produced “Nightmare on Elm Street” natural ease, dell d610 ac adapter|pa3468u 1aca ac adapter|dell latitude d520 ac adapter| In addition, the “Transformers” series, director Michael Bay to play the executive producer.

“The new Nightmare on Elm Street” tells the dream the dream killer Freddy would sneak into other people trouble, and finally to the most vicious way to send them away to the west. The 1000 trench face myriad hands with super killer hook, but also one of Hollywood’s most famous image of terror. But this film presents the life experience as Freddie, so the grim face of strokes behind there was a trace of human sympathy factor.

“The new Nightmare on Elm Street” will be April 30, 2010 capture of the North American cinemas.

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Hello world!

2010 April 12
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